VolunteerWork for a cause not for applause

Volunteering plays a vital role in holding any successful running event. Being entirely a group made up of volunteers, we understand the challenges of committing oneself without getting something in return. However, we know (from experience) that seeing all those beautiful souls crossing the finish line is a reward in itself.

Volunteer by registering here.
Why should I volunteer?
Every little bit of help counts and we assure you that helping hundreds of athletes achieve their goal is a wonderful experience in itself.-
What should I do to help?
Just send us an email on info@rungozo.org and we will contact you with all the details.
Can non-running NGOs help?
Yes of course. As a non-profit NGO entirely made up of volunteers, we fully understand the struggle to find people to help. Contact us and we can organize exchanges where we can also assist you in any of your future events. Remember, the more the merrier.

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