Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon returned for its 48th edition

1,110+ Athletes – 1,110+ Stories

The 2023 Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, 4K, and 2K races and walkathons attracted more than 1,110 participants from around 40 countries, who started their races from the iconic Xaghra Square early on Sunday (30 April 2023).

Around 400 runners competed in the 21.1K Half Marathon main event, while another 300 took part in our 10K race. Around 150 athletes participated in our brand-new 5K race. The remaining athletes participated in our 10K and 5K Walkathons or in our 4K and 2K Races.

Charlton Debono became the first half-marathon runner to cross the finish line, clocking a time of 1:16:06 which was also a course record. He was followed by Andrew Grech (1:17:36) and Matthew Xuereb (1:19:15). Jemima Farley became the first woman to cross the finish line with a time of 1:19:49, followed by Josann Attard Pulis (1:31:41) and Veronika Kersyte (1:38:45).

All results could be found here.

The half marathon route covered a long distance of ecological green and coastal pathways, as well as covering large parts of Northern and Central Gozo. It was also a primary goal of the race organizers to allow this event to be sustainable and without damage to the rich environment Gozo is known for.

As this is an event tailored for all runners, the organizers made special arrangements, including different pacers for the Half Marathon, and water stations along the route to ensure the best possible experience for all athletes.

Around 100 volunteers ensured that this event remains one of the most beloved road-running events on the Maltese Islands and the organizing committee has already started planning the 2024 edition (49th) which will take place on Sunday 28 April 2024.