That Last K

The last 1K is always hard.

It is meant to be hard, especially in an event like this one, where the route challenges you in many ways!

My (personal) ideal finish would be a fast one where you go through that finish line gantry in style with a powerful stride. However, it is not always the case. My 2022 Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon’s last 1K was actually the slowest of them all.

Whilst making my way up THAT final hill, the struggle was real. I kept telling myself that the finish line was pretty close and, in a few moments, I would be seeing my family members cheer me on during the last few meters. This helped to distract myself from the burden and keep moving towards the goal.

Once up the ferocious hill, you see the great finish line gantry in the distance whilst hearing the noise from the crowd who always turns up in numbers for this particular race. You put the entire challenge behind you and it will be obviously all worth it.

Finishing second behind my training partner and friend Aaron Mifsud and with fellow athlete, Clive Ferrante completing the podium in third place, was a great experience to remember. Being Gozitan myself, the Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon holds a special place in my heart as it has been a yearly appointment for me during the past years.

I recommend this race for its top organization by a group of volunteers who work hard all year to put up this quality event attracting a large number of runners and fitness enthusiasts to Gozo.

I look forward to April 2023 where the target is definitely to improve my time on this grueling route.

See you all!